Maurice is wandering in infinity and never looking back. His Yoga will only make those who follow him wander too. This is the only thing he has to sell.. infinity eternally arising as each one of us.
Mark Whitwell : yoga teacher and author: The Promise: You Can Have What You Really Want
I like his vibe and his heart. I think there is a depth of wisdom that he brings that can’t really be taught.
Thomas Oliver, chiropractor
I feel completely free to be myself around Swami which, when your twisted in every possible position, is quite an important thing.
Angela Shelton – Director/Writer – Tumbleweeds, Searching For Angela Shelton
Mo is rad. He is intuitive, sharp as hell, gentle, a good listener, intense but blithe, blithe but intense, a deep thinker, knowledgeable, whimsical, funny, appreciative, generous, fun-loving, able to laugh at nearly everything, uplifting, and a very fine teacher. That’s just him as a person, and I would say that all those qualities are present in class, except that he is also a very loving and nurturing instructor. The humor and work is there, but what pervades is a kind of gentle and allowing guidance. He is also wonderfully respectful of where you are at in your practice, probably more so than you are.
Angela Gygi, film researcher
He is on the vanguard of yogic philosophy, yet maintains his gift for teaching traditional styles. There is no one I would rather have guide me in a physical (or metaphysical) practice.
Dan Chariton – Screenwriter
I would recommend this class most heartily for two groups of people: very serious spiritual seekers and skeptics who think the New Age scene is a load of piffle.
Joanna Gaunder James, Project Manager - Dimensional Fund Advisors
Maurice makes the simple profound. To breathe is to live.
Randall A. Petrie, Esq. Principal of Dread Brothers Entertainment, LLC (Former In-house Counsel to Stevie Wonder)
Maurice’s approach to yoga is marked by engaging warmth, personal insight, tremendous compassion, and refreshing creativity. He is an out-of-the-box thinker and yet down-to-earth and practical in terms of understanding his students’ particular needs or situations.
Why should buy a research paper those who have made investments in their own development as instructors be passively shunted away from teaching in high-need schools
Sara Cody, Editor - LACMA

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