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Warm influences and guidance in life are necessary for both men, women and all on the gender spectrum. Lets gather in sangha, listen to storytelling, and be guided from the sumtotalling of one’s experience. I will follow in the footsteps of architect/visionary Buckminster Fuller and “think out loud”, intuitively interpreting the common pattern we may not be aware of and all bring into the room. You may experience one or all of the following…dream interpretation, healing renewal, insightful and practical understanding, upliftment and a sense of being &”home”.

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Yoga Date Night Coming soon… Have fun, reconnect, and renew your love through yoga, touch, and thoughtful verbal and non-verbal communication.  At Yoga Date Night, partnering yoga will be practiced to establish trust, establish clear roles that encourage safety, release and relaxation, and open new channels of communication with non-verbal touch. Friend/friend pairings encouraged

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